Julie McClain,LCSW-S
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I am a Texas State Board approved and Licensed Clinical Supervisor (LCSW-S) with 10 years of experience to offer, and I have a true passion for educating others about mental health and offering my expertise to the community to promote awareness. I truly enjoy working with new clinicians just starting in their careers, helping them achieve their educational goals of becoming a therapist, via board approved clinical supervision.   

Clinical Supervision
I have open slots for Clinical supervision to LMSW's who are seeking advancement in licensure.

  • Offered to LMSW's seeking to obtain their clinical licensure for LCSW. 
  • Supervision also provided on a case by case basis to social workers seeking to gain independent practice recognition.     

Supervision is offered via group, individual, as well as web based. Electronic or web based supervision is done on a case by case basis and must be approved by the Texas State Board of Social Work Examiners. 

Please visit my profile ->  http://socialworksupervisor.com/listing/julie-mcclainlcsw-s/

You may also email me at JMcClain@STATcounseling.com for more info on rates or

TEXT or Call now @ 210.802.9355 for a free phone consultation,  to see if we are a good fit to meet your clinical and career goals!   

Consulting Services:

  • I am available for professional presentations on a variety of topics, such as crisis intervention for adolescents and geriatric populations.  

Email inquires of specific services to Support@STATcounseling.com or TEXT or call now @ 210.802.9355 (WELL)