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Life reminds me of stepping stones in a big body of water.  I am sure you would agree, that it would be great to think of each task or life event as a stepping stone, that leads us somewhere. Somewhere great, or to the next level we have been trying so hard to get to.  

However, it is not always that simple.  Do you ever feel that with so much going on, you are getting no place at all?  This can leave us feeling like we are stuck out in a big body of water, with no lifeline or shore in sight. In turn, we can begin to feel alone, tired, anxious, and at times, hopeless. I assure you, you are not alone and this is where counseling can help you.  

  • In counseling, I work with you, to help you gain focus on your path from a different vantage point. 

  • I help you identify the obstacles that keep you from getting to where we want to be.  

  • While I have experience in working with several therapy modalities in a variety of settings, (ER’s, inpatient/ outpatient mental health programs, oncology programs, group homes for adolescents, and in private practice) I like to use solution focused therapy and person centered therapy in my treatment.  

  • Therapy is not meant to tell you what is wrong with you and then tell you what to do.  

  • Therapy is meant to empower you, to educate you and to help you achieve a more balanced life.  

With my years of experience, comes the knowledge that every client has a UNIQUE story, not just a diagnosis. I want to offer you a serene place, to feel safe to share that story, as we walk through your journey of healing, growth and transformation to a more balanced life.

 When you make the choice to seek help for problems in your personal life, that are spilling over into you work or relationships, you have decided to take an investment in yourself. That is something that is priceless.  In our “instant” and “fast food” type lifestyle, we are in a state of constant juggling acts, trying to fit everything and everyone in.  However, we often overlook one thing. Ourselves.