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A low mood that lasts may be a mental health issue. In fact, depression is one of the most common mental health concerns among teens and adults. For help with depression, contact the team of mental health providers at STAT Counseling & Consulting, LLC. STAT Counseling & Consulting, LLC is based in Helotes, Texas, and offers depression support via telehealth. Schedule your session over the phone, text or online now.

Depression Q&A

How is depression defined?

Low or depressed mood is common for many people in the short term and doesn’t necessarily indicate a depressive disorder.

Major depression is defined as a depressed mood lasting for at least two weeks, accompanied by symptoms like sleep and eating issues, poor self-worth, and difficulty concentrating. Major depressive disorder can significantly limit your ability to live a full and active life and may impact you negatively at work, home, and in your social life.

How common is depression?

Depression is one of the most frequently occurring mental health challenges in the United States. Depression can affect adults, teens, and children and is slightly more common in women than men.

Current research shows that in 2020, around 21 million US adults over the age of 18 experienced at least one major depressive episode. That adds up to 8.4% of adults, representing a significant portion of the population. People struggling with depression are not alone.

What are the symptoms of depression?

The symptoms of depression vary from individual to individual. Common symptoms include:

  • Fatigue or lack of energy
  • Feelings of shame or lack of self-worth
  • Over- or under-sleeping
  • Changes in appetite

Severe or unmanaged depression can result in thoughts of suicide or in suicide attempts. For crisis support with suicidal thoughts or plans, contact the 24-hour Suicide and Crisis Lifeline by dialing 988 or go to your nearest emergency room. 

Can depression be treated?

Depression often responds well to the right type of treatment. Diagnosing and treating depression can be complex, as this mental health disorder can present with a variety of symptoms. Depression responds differently to treatment approaches depending on the individual.

Psychotherapy is often the first step in depression treatment. Your plan may also include medication management to address your symptoms at a neurological level. Brain-retraining treatments show promise for depression. There are also options available to address treatment-resistant depression.

At STAT Counseling & Consulting, LLC, a team of experts is ready to assist you with developing an effective treatment plan for your depression. With the right support, you can recover from depression symptoms and reclaim your quality of life. To get started, contact STAT Counseling & Consulting, LLC online and request an appointment. Or, call or text the office in Helotes, Texas, today.