Stress Mangement

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Stress Mangement

Stress causes more harm to your health and wellness than you might realize. It also plays a major role in worsening mental health conditions. Professional stress management support assists you in coping better with stress. Contact the team at STAT Counseling & Consulting, LLC for expert stress management support. Call the STAT Counseling & Consulting, LLC office in Helotes, Texas, today to schedule your appointment, or book online now. 

Stress Mangement Q&A

What is stress?

Sometimes, your body and mind rest or work with only moderate intensity on physical or mental tasks. During these times, your stress load is low.

At other times, situations or pressures in your daily life can cause your stress levels to rise. You may need to deal with an urgent issue or have many pressing responsibilities. 

When you’re under stress, your body and mind request more energy to respond to a perceived urgency or need.

Some stress is normal or beneficial because it doesn’t rise to the level where it can cause harm to your physical or mental health. However, chronic stress can become a health problem. Sometimes you can experience more stress than is needed when chronic stress starts to overwhelm your usual coping mechanisms.

How can stress harm you?

Chronic stress causes you to operate at a mental and physical deficit. That can lead to lasting harm to your health and wellness. The damaging impacts of stress are often underestimated.

Stress has significant consequences for your physical health. Stress is likely to result in digestive complaints. It is also a major component of health complications like high blood pressure (hypertension), insomnia, and dental problems.

Living with stress also threatens your mental and emotional balance. People under too much stress may be moody, angry, or experiencing depression.

What are the goals of stress management treatment?

During stress management treatment, the goal is to protect your physical and mental health from the ongoing negative impacts of chronic and acute stress.

While you may not be able to control your exposure to stress, with better stress management techniques, you can reduce the harm that stress causes. Stress management treatment often focuses on developing techniques, like self-soothing, boundary assertion, and mental calm that make you more resilient in the face of stress.

Stress management treatment involves both your body and your mind. Techniques, like deep breathing and aromatherapy, help regulate stress at a physical level, while approaches, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), help address your relationship with stress.

If you could benefit from professional stress management support, contact STAT Counseling & Consulting, LLC today. Schedule your first remote telehealth appointment by calling STAT Counseling & Consulting, LLC, or request an appointment online.