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With the help of telehealth technology, mental health care can be less stressful. Your treatment at STAT Counseling & Consulting, LLC is exclusively telehealth-based. Remote telehealth care benefits you in many ways, saving you time and money. To schedule a remote treatment session, call the team of mental health providers at STAT Counseling & Consulting, LLC in Helotes, Texas, today, or book online now.

Telehealth Q&A

Who can benefit from telehealth treatment?

You receive many benefits by opting for telehealth treatment. By conducting treatment remotely, the time, stress, and intrusion of mental health care appointments are all but gone.

With remote mental health care, you receive the benefits of professional treatment with fewer personal costs associated with a trip to a therapist’s office.

Through telehealth, the mental health care you need is available to you on a flexible basis. Today’s telehealth technology allows you to connect securely with the team at STAT Counseling & Consulting, LLC, from wherever you are. That can save you time and money related to transit or make childcare or elder care arrangements easier to juggle.

What mental health care is available through telehealth?

If you don’t need an in-person intervention, like a blood test, nearly all of your mental health care can be conducted remotely using telehealth technology.

If you’re relying on medication management as part of your treatment plan for a mental health condition, like depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder, you can get your prescriptions updated or adjusted through a remote consultation. Your new prescription will be sent electronically to the pharmacy of your choice for pickup.

Telehealth tools make it easy to connect with your provider in real-time.  Options to use screen sharing makes it easier for your provider to guide you toward necessary resources in your appointments and  all of your paperwork can be completed right from your phone through the practice's patient portal.

Is telehealth treatment secure and private?

STAT Counseling & Consulting, LLC uses state-of-the-art telehealth technology resources to keep your treatment completely secure and confidential and is 100% HIPAA complaint. The patient portal makes navigating your treatment easy, while protecting your information.

Only authorized users that you set, can review the personal and medical information shared during your telehealth treatment. Telehealth treatment is just as private as meeting with a therapist in-person and offers additional benefits in terms of convenience and accessibility.

If you have additional questions or concerns about using telehealth treatment for your mental health care, contact the friendly and knowledgeable team at STAT Counseling & Consulting, LLC eithr online, phone call or via text today.